Delivery and pick up fees and policies: While we don’t offer vehicle shuttles we do offer a Delivery and pick up for all Middle Fork, Main Salmon, Selway and Hells Canyon raft rentals.

Please see links below for shuttles.

We will deliver to the put in and pick up at the take. Typical arrival time at the put in is between 12 and 3 pm the day BEFORE your launch date. We assist you with rigging your boats and getting them on the water.

Pick up times are between 10 am and no later than 1:30 pm the day of your take out. Parties arriving after 1:30 pm will be charged an additional day per boat rented.

***Please note we have minimums on boat rentals and they vary by river.*** 

If your rental does not meet the minimum, other arrangements can be made, such as pick up in Boise etc.. Please call us for details and pricing.

Middle Fork of the Salmon Minimum 2 boat rental. Delivery and pick up $650

Main Salmon Minimum 3 boat rental. Delivery and pick up $850

Hells Canyon 4 boat rental minimum for all Delivery and Pick up points.

  • Delivery and pick up at dam-$1250
  • Delivery to dam and pick up at Pittsburgh Landing $1900
  • Delivery to dam and pick up at Heller bar $2500

Lower Salmon 5 boat minimum $2500


Looking for Shuttles for the Middle Fork and Main Salmon? please contact River Shuttles

Shuttles for the Lower Salmon: All Rivers Shuttle:

Jet Boat Shuttles for the Hells Canyon: