River Kitchen, Fire Pan and Dutch oven Rentals

Our kitchen rents for $350 for a 6 day trip each additional day is $30 per day. Please note this does not include dutch ovens these can be rented separately.

Our kitchen rental includes:


1 Gallon Thermos with pump for coffee
1 Gallon Partner steel stainless Steel Coffee Pot
Juice Pitcher

18″ Partner steel griddle
8 qt pot with lid
2 qt pots with lids
Mixing bowls (various sizes)
Small frying pan
Large frying pan

Set of measuring cups
Liquid measuring cup
set of measuring spoons

Sheet cutting boards
Small cutting board
Large cutting board

Mesh organizer with:
Bread knife
Medium Knives
Pairing Knives
Pizza cutter
Large Chopping knife
Small and Large spatulas
Potato Peeler
Mixing spoon
Pasta spoon
Large Serving spoon
Slotted serving spoon
Can opener
Corkscrew wine opener

4 burner Partner stove w/hose assembly
Blaster w/ hose assembly
Hot pads
Oven mitt

Chicky pails (for heating dish water on the blaster or over the fire pan)
Gray water strainer (Required by USFS)
3 Plastic 1.5 gallon tubs for dish washing

Hand wash system with two 5 gallon buckets

Spice box or Comm box
Salt and Pepper
Italian spices
Chili Powder
Garlic Powder

Fire Pan*
Fire Blanket*
Grill brush
Ash can*

*Note: These items are required by the Forest Service.

What’s not included with a kitchen rental?

Dutch ovens

Dutch ovens rent for $4/day. They are 12″ aluminum (non anodized and anodized) and have legs.

Reservation Policy
Idaho River Rentals

$500 Damage deposit
$200/boat Reservation Deposit to book (this is nonrefundable)
Payment schedule as Follows:
50% of the balance is due 60 days prior to launch date
The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to launch date

Any damages over $500 will be charged $50/hour for repair.
As the renter you are responsible for any lost equipment. We will hold your card on file and charge it accordingly at retail cost for replacement of any lost/stolen equipment or equipment that is damaged beyond repair.

Cancellation Policy

60-30 days prior all but the reservation deposit is refunded
50% refunded between 30-15 days prior
Only Delivery fees and damage deposit refunded after 15 days